Soundclash Challenge


Do you have great musical taste?  Think you can play better songs than our Soundclash presenters?  Then why not take part in our #SoundclashChallenge?

Soundclash takes place each Thursday 9pm – 10pm UK time.

The Soundclash concept is simple.  Each presenter takes turns in playing a song over 5 rounds,  trying to play a ‘better’ song than the previous one that fits the week’s theme or genre.  Listeners vote for their favourite song each round at

Taking part in the #SoundclashChallenge is simple.  You don’t need any special equipment, just a microphone and and a sense of humour.  You will join us in the studio via a Google Meet session (camera not required) and simply let us (and the listeners) know your song choices each round.

If you would like to take part simply fill out the form below, letting us know your chosen genre or theme.   As a guide we have had themes such as Rock, Motown, 80s, Weather, Places & The Periodic table before.  You really can choose anything, although we reserve the right to veto a theme that breaches our station music policy.  

If you’re new to the show and want some inspiration or to hear what you’re letting yourself in for you can hear some of our old shows here:

Choose the Thursday you want to join us and click the slot time (2100:2200).  The blue square is the next available show.  If a Thursday is greyed out it is already booked.  One of our presenters will then get in touch via email to confirm your place.

If you do not see a booking form below please refresh the page.


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