Simon Cook


Living in Caerphilly with his Wife and 4 kids, 3 dogs and 2 Cockatiels it’s a full house for this presenter.

His kids buy him a lot of “Grinch” and “Grumpy Old Man” stuff, but we don’t think he’s grumpy.  Introducing Simon Cook.

Quickfire ‘Smash Hits’ Interview

Favourite Artist?
Can’t single out one!

Favourite Genres?
All decades, like NTWICM CDs or good compilations so I can skip carp songs

3 people you would have for dinner?
James Herbert, John Carpenter and Tommy Cooper

Claim to Fame?
Was in Pobl-Y-Cwm once (Funny Story to rude to tell you here)

Pineapple on pizza?
Only if I replace pineapple!!!

First record you bought?
Never bought one first one bought for me Dire Straits (Brothers in Arms) Cassette (Bootleg) for my copy walkman.

Favourite Quote?

If it’s not broke!

Simon’s Shows

South Wales ONE Show

The Morning Show

Presented by Simon Cook

A feel good morning show to help get you closer to lunchtime with a varied mix of music.  As Simon is a fitness instructor, expect to hear tips around fitness and mental health too :) Podcast

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